Wheel Doctor NJ | Aluminum Welding
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Aluminum Welding

Aluminum Welding NJ

Doctor Wheel based in New Jersey (NJ) offers Aluminum Welding services for wide variety of automotives. We can weld repairs, or rebuild the damaged automotive parts.

At Doctor Wheel, all our welding experts have several years of comprehensive and collective knowledge and experience. We offer high quality welding work at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on fair prices, timely delivery and quality craftsmanship.

We are certified in several different processes of welding. We also provide automotive repair & restoration apart from Aluminum Welding.

Our Fabrication & Welding Services

  • Aluminum Vehicle Body Repair and Fabrication
  • Wide variety of welding TIG, Stick, MIG, for aluminum and cast aluminum
  • Customized modifications and trailers
  • Custom fitted vehicle bodies and modifications
  • Custom off-road fenders, winch mounts, bumpers, roll cages and much more
  • For you, simply we can weld pieces collectively too.
  • We can handle wide variety of welding tasks
  • Blade and Bucket rebuilding
  • We offer high polished aluminum products

Types of Repair Services We Offer

  • Repair & Maintenance of heavy duty as well as light vehicles on site and off site
  • Repair & Maintenance of excavators, small equipment and heavy equipment loaders, light duty trucks, cars etc.
  • Rebuilt of differential, Transmissions, engines and transfer cases
  • For your convenience, we also offer welding services on site
  • Doctor Wheel is dedicated to constant innovation and problem solving and is able to tackle a wide variety of vehicle repair jobs and assure guaranteed satisfaction for all services provided.

We provide services to insurance companies as well as individual customers. Contact us today, if you need high quality Aluminum Welding in NJ.