Wheel Doctor NJ | Curb Rash Repair
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Curb Rash Repair

Curb Rash Repair NJ

When the alloy wheels of your vehicle have been damaged with accident or other reasons, your best option is to look for a wheel repair service provider. Wheel Doctor’s wheel repair and Curb Rash Repair service in NJ is designed to give you the best results possible.
You can be rest assured that you will get the best service at the right price, when you choose our professional Curb Rash Repair service. Our repair centers employ certified technicians who have years of experience and they understand these specific issues and provide the best service for your satisfaction.
Most common damages occur to your alloy wheels are Curb Rash, Scrapes, Small Grooves, Peeling, Hazed Clear coat and Abrasions. We can repair all aluminum and alloy wheels that have cosmetic damage such as:

  • Curb Damage (Curb Rash)
  • Facial Damage
  • Discoloration Due To Age
  • Oxidation
  • Brake Dust Stains
  • Damage From Acid Cleaning
  • Rim Straightening
  • Cosmetic Rim Repair & Polishing
  • Custom Wheel Painting

All wheels are color matched and clear coated to give it the same appearance as a new wheel. For a fraction of the cost of a new wheel, your wheels can be repaired to like new condition! Regardless if it’s a domestic or import wheel we can make it look like new again. Most repairs take less than an hour. Our Curb Rash Repair is certainly cheaper than buying a new wheel.

Contact us today if you wish to repair curb rash damage of your alloy wheels. We ensure 100% guaranteed satisfaction.