Wheel Doctor NJ | Our Services
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Our Services

Alloy Wheel Repair, Wheel Doctor state of the art facilities located in Central Jersey

  • 24/48 Hour Turn Around
  • Alloy Wheel Repair
  • Aluminum Wheel Repair
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Wheel Straightening
  • Rim Painting
  • Rim Powder Coating
  • Powder Coating Car Parts
  • CNC Machinery, Machine Cut Wheels
  • Road Force Touch Balancing Machine
  • Custom Built Spray booths
  • Pick Up/Delivery

Wheel Doctor Alloy Wheel Repair prides itself on the fact that all our equipment is on the cutting-edge of alloy wheel repair technology. We are a leader in adhering to the latest occupational health and safety guidelines

Powder Coating is one of our main services. Wheel Doctor Powder Coating is strategically located in Central New Jersey, which makes us flexible in servicing NJ customers from North Jersey to South Jersey.

Powder coating equipment enables us to powder coat large pieces up to 7 feet in length, as well as small parts for motorcycles, motorcycle frames, motorcycle rims, racing car parts, engine parts, and more.

Our secure, 24 hour 7 days a week, video monitored factory means you know your vehicle is in safe hands at all times. Wheel Doctor has the capacity to house customer’s cars on the premises until their wheels are ready to go.

Wheel Doctor Alloy Wheel Repair utilizes the following equipment to ensure that your alloy wheel is repaired to the highest quality and the best possible results are achieved.